GenX-Ms is a SIG affiliated with Mensa, specifically for Mensans in the GenX generation (1961-1981).

What do you do in GenX-Ms?
There is a international mailing list, where many of our members keep in touch on a regular basis. We also have a growing number of events at the U.S. Annual Gathering and at several Regional Gatherings. Several local GenX-Ms SIGs have sprung up in different areas and more are starting all the time.

Who is eligible to join GenX-Ms?
To join, you must be a member of Mensa born between 1961 and 1981.

I’m a GenXer, but why should I join GenX-Ms? Isn’t regular Mensa good enough on its own?
Many of us have had the experience of attending Mensa activities where there were very few people our age. This SIG is a way for us to connect with others in our age group.

How do I join the mailing list?
Request to be added to the GenX Ms Community by clicking here and sending an email with your full name you use in Mensa, your membership number, a picture of your ID showing your birthdate, and the email address. Your membership in Mensa and your eligibility for the SIG will be verified and you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

I don’t have time for a busy mailing list. Can I be a part of the GenX-Ms without being on the mailing list?
Yes! We have events at the U.S. AG and several of the RGs, and we welcome GenXers, whether they’re on the mailing list or not. You might also have a local group in your area, or you can start one up.

I want to meet local GenX-Ms, not just virtual ones. How can I do that?
There are several different local GenX-Ms groups all across the U.S., and one in Belgium. Check our Contacts page to see if there’s one near you. If not, feel free to start one yourself.

There’s no local group in my area. How do I start one?
It depends on your situation to a certain degree, but here are some ideas: put an article in your local Mensa newsletter saying you want to start a GenX-Ms group and asking for feedback. Schedule a GenX-MS event (meet for dinner at a restaurant, go bowling, go to a museum, etc.) and make sure to advertise it in your local newsletter and in the GenX-MS mailing list, if you’re a member. Let me know and I’ll put it on our calendar. Get a list of GenX-MS in your area and contact them directly about starting a group. Recruit new members from your local grad school, if there’s one near you. There are more ideas, and if you join the GenX-MS mailing list, we’d be happy to toss them around with you.